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Graph Information

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Other query_other derive      
SOA query_SOA derive      
A6 query_A6 derive      
ANY query_ANY derive      
A query_A derive      
TXT query_TXT derive      
RESERVED0 query_RESERVED0 derive      
TLSA query_TLSA derive      
MX query_MX derive      
NSEC3PARAM query_NSEC3PARAM derive      
CDS query_CDS derive      
NAPTR query_NAPTR derive      
AAAA query_AAAA derive      
DNSKEY query_DNSKEY derive      
AFSDB query_AFSDB derive      
CAA query_CAA derive      
PTR query_PTR derive      
SRV query_SRV derive      
CDNSKEY query_CDNSKEY derive      
CNAME query_CNAME derive      
DS query_DS derive      
SPF query_SPF derive      
LOC query_LOC derive      
NS query_NS derive      
AXFR query_AXFR derive      
No .label provided query_ derive      
This field has the following extra information: NOTE: The plugin did not provide any label for the data source query_. It is in need of fixing.